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While its still cold and the weather in London feels a bit unsteady its about the right time to think of spring and all the new pieces you may like to purchase or getting into any of the new trends.Below I am listing a few options to make it easier ( hopefully ) for you. I will be updating this till end of March so do come back!

1. The Smocked Midi Skirt - but this definitely is not one that you already have in your wardrobe. It comes in nude for the neutrals lovers out there. High waisted and very roomie recommending a size down for a more flattering fitting - its perfect for your day to night work , meetings , dinners etc. It can be worn with high knee black boots for the still rainy days or sandals when the weather gets warmer. Its a yes, yes, yes! Versatile and feminine.

2. Black Leather Skirt - leather or vegan leather you choose which one is for you. This is not the time to analyse this but if you are looking for vegan leather skirt makes sure that except not harming animals, wont be harming the environment as well - as most of them are made from synthetics. And now back to leather - real leather skirt love. Its a way of being sustainable as this skirt can stay in my wardrobe for years to come instead of buying imitation leather every six months as most of them they don't last longer. Its a perfect garment to creat minimalistic and monochrome styles that will look classy no matter the occasion.

3. Floaty Dresses - when weather permitted these are my most favourite ones. So easy to wear , a just one piece outfit. This cream poplin style will definitely make you look adorable and classy the same time. When rainy I add black boots and a black blazer to match it with the gloomy weather in the city and once the sun is out won't need anything but by sandals.

4. Also Spring brings back my love for trench coat. I recommend if you don't have one start investing in a black or beige trench coat so it can match easily with any outfit. If you cannot make up your mind Asos new collection offer the option in have a beige and imitation black leather coat - its a gorgeous combination and already very popular.

4. Belted Jackets. Long , shorts, sometimes tailored, almost always belted, in colors or a military style. The most popular trend is the emotion leather I believe and its a trend as strong as the trench coat. Its a great garment due to its flexibility to be layered up with a coat or worn on its own when warmer. Below some favourite option I have my eyes on.

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