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A fresh start

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Here we go again. Welcome to EvaCiland and before we get back to business with lots of fashion , beauty, travel and wellness topics, I will take one second , or this very first blog post to put down a few words on explaining why you cannot find my old posts. This is more for all of the new readers here and a quick reminder to my old friends that are familiar with what my website is about.

To start with, my website name is inspired after the 'Lalaland ' musical movie, which was like the starting point of me finally planning to take a step forward. Definition of Lalaland : The term either refers to Hollywood, Los Angeles or a state of mind synonymous with Hollywood that is out of touch with reality, focusing on dreams - and I will make a stop here. Definition of what that sounds to me like : focusing on dreams and making your dreams coming true, chasing up what sets your soul in fire and reaching into places you would never imagine.

As you can imagine that step forward for me was moving from Greece to London, where I have never been before but it was like I just knew I have to be here, in the city of lights. Well, I wanted to go to New York as well to be honest , but its kind of too far away and one step at a time. I started my blog mainly focusing in food and traveling every sharing an article every once in a while as I had a full time in the meantime. Somewhere along the way I find my true calling which was more into fashion, beauty and motivational posts. After a year and a half and a few jobs as social media coordinator and a marketing executive internship I decided to take this serious and actually invest into my passion. I went full time.

That sounds super exciting and like I am living the dream but give it a second. Has been a couple of months only since I went full time blogging and has been a rollercoaster for me. The freedom of chasing up any opportunity really sets me free and I am enjoying to the fullest but not all months comes easy. Sometimes campaigns get cancelled or pushed back quiet a lot, making me quiet stressed about the money and just being able to survive in London. Most of brands will come to me for free work in exchange of products that I don't even want or need, without realising that products cannot actually pay the rent. I am mentioning a few things just for you to understand what blogging is most of the times. Its a bit clique but not everything is a perfect as it looks on instagram.

I love talking, or writing. Both, and you ll get used to it soon .You may even like it after a bit. I hope so at least. Now you may wonder what's the reason I am telling you the story of my life in such a quick blog post. Bare with me and I am almost done. I had no control on my previous website, which was at Wordpress, except writing and publishing blog posts as a friend of mine create it for me. So when things start going wrong like plugins breaking or updates not being able to complete I was a bit overwhelmed and just not able to fix it. That's the reason I haven't been active since December. But I finally invested some time and I builded everything back together in a new platform. Wix, the one that I am using now, is super easy to start, definitely easier from Wordpress but sadly I don't have the option to import blog post from other platforms. Me transferring blog posts manually one by one would take ages. I decide to invest that time into all the new amazing, exciting stuff that I want to share with you and let the old one go. Let's just have a fresh start, I thought.

For all the old ones, and the new readers please leave a comment, or a feedback or your love or just drop an email and I would love to get to you better. Heads up, I will be posting 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday so make sure to check out. Anything you need , you know where to find me. Welcome to my Lalaland.

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