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Micro-needling treatment at home

I am all about skincare and the beauty it comes when taking care of your skin in depth. A treatment that I want to talk about today and you may have heard of its beneficial impact on the skin is the micro needling. Beauty Bio's GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool is made to harness skin’s natural healing response for visibly firmer, smoother and even looking complexion.

The kit includes the GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration tool, Body MicroTip™, Rose Quartz, Lip MicroTip™, Eye MicroTip™ attachment head, Pack ‘n’ Glo storage organizer, Prep Pads 5 packettes and sanitising spritzer - everything you would possibly need.

Easy to start, slide your choice of replacement head onto the top end of the handle and gently press down until it clicks into place. To replace the head, simply press the button underneath the existing head and release. I always like to start with my face as its the wider area and not as sensitive as lips or eyes. I turn it on by pressing the on/off button and it instantly starts vibrating and turning on the red light which is really helpful in reducing wrinkles and lines. It will need two minutes for the face area to be finished while using the roller from the lower part of my face higher ( as shown in the picture below )

I will follow with the eye and lip area with the suitable attachment heads designed to offer targeted precision around these delicate areas. In less than 5 minutes your facial treatment should be finished. Super quick and easy. Your face will appear pink or flushed after use but thats completely normal. The roller attachment head can be used as the old fashioned roller - just with the extra of red light and vibration which making it a bit more efficient in a way. It can be used around the face area but can be used in the body area in area that you want to look firmer . . You get best use of the treatment when done before sleeping and skin its regenerating and working all the good ingredients you leave your skin with before your skincare routine. Use it 2-3 times a week depending on your skin needs.

After the first two-three weeks you can notice an even looking complexion and any fine lines will start improving as well. It really helps me waking up to a brighter and fresher looking skin , perfect canvas for my morning skincare and make up routine later on.

The kit its a limited edition kit that brings home premium treatments from beauty salons at a fraction of the coast but with the same results! Its painless and easy to use, the only secret is to be consistent.

Find the one for you :

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