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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I was a bit hesitant to write this blog post and this is because its about supplementation and there are couple of factors that come into to this . I do believe beauty is an inside and out thing and not just about make up or what you use in your skin but how you feel, nails, hair and in general your wellbeing. But what I want to make clear is that in no way I am qualified to prescribe anything, I am not a doctor or nutritionist , this is not my position. Also supplementation its so personal and we should really consider it as an individual approach. Supplemantion should be taken carefully and targeted to your needs rather than overdose you body with things you may not need , if you take too many it could really cause problems. So what I really wanted to share is what I have been taking the last 6 months and has been working very well for me but obviously what works for me may not work for you. I ll try to explain in a very simple way why I use what I use and hopefully this will be helpful to some of you.

The best way to find out what is the supplements that you need is by going to the doctor and having a blood test which probably you already know. Another way that I actually tried back in December is by having the Mini Health Assessment with The Organic Pharmacy at Fenwich. The The Organic Pharmacy offer a homeopathic health assessment ( £150 for 90 minutes but there is an option to do it for 30 min instead and more affordable which is equally good) that promises to give profiles on vitamin and mineral deficiencies, organ function, hormone balance, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, digestive disorders, stress & food intolerance. After completed the mini health assessment I understood my body a lot better , I realised why I stopped eating meat and became a vegetarian ( I am missing an enzyme that helps digesting meat and when trying to consume anything meat related I end up feeling really heavy and sick for hours ). I just cannot recommended it enough. Once we are out of this lockdown this is definitely you should consider.

I was recommended to start on the below:

Holy Basil B Complex : ( 2 capsules daily with breakfast ) The major benefit of Holy Basil is its ability to calm and support the adrenal glands and an over-stretched nervous system. It helps the body’s own system to adapt to its environment. I have being going through a very stressed period not letting my body to absorb all nutrients from food causing me troubles even with sleeping so this is really helping me.

Essential Fatty Acid + B Complex: ( 2 capsules with breakfast ) Plant based Essential Fatty Acids to improve skin health and maintain integrity and functionality of cell membranes. Blended with B Complex and Vitamin C to support nervous system. Also helps with better and easier digestion to a few dairy products that I have a slight intolerance.

I have been taking these for over 3 months now and when I stopped them for a month I felt the negative impact of feeling heavy, sleep troubles and not digesting right instantly so definitely not stopping them again.

Gut Health : Something that I have been having issues since very young, so it is chronic actually its my gut health and won't get into more details but it is something that always was a big issue for me. I started the Symprove Probiotic Supplement. I think like 6 months ago actually which its not really a prebiotic but Live Bcteria ( so once opened it needs to placed in the fridge ) and what they do is that they promote healthy environment to my gut. I have tried the passion fruit flavour which is quiet pleasant to take but I am now shaping to the original flavour just for a change the flavour . I take one shot in the morning first thing before I drink water , coffee anything. I really want to highlight this as it makes so much difference and I am trying not to drink nothing for 15-20min after the shot too. I have tried different prebiotic but never really felt much difference. You are supposed to give this a 12 weeks times to see how it is working for you but to be honest on the 4th week I already start feeling less bloating, less cramps.

On the inside a beauty a bit more I love the positive impact om my wellbeing by aimeskicare. I have been trying two supplement from the Aime range and on this note in general you can combine supplements together send these two I feel like they complete each other.

Aime French Glow : ( 2 capsules every morning 30min before breakfast ) These capsules are rich in Borage Oil and Hyaluronic Acid which support skin hydration and elasticity, eschscholzia californica flower extract is an anti-stress relief to help reduce inflammation and more. I do have quiet dry skin hence are perfect to nourish skin within giving an even complexion and natural glow. Its also three-layered probiotic complex supports daily balance of gut flora.

Aime Urban Glow : ( 2 capsules every morning 30min before breakfast ) A cocktail of vitamins, superfoods and antioxidants helps combat the oxidizing stress that leads to premature aging of the skin. Also great Ideal for women who are subject to hormonal fluctuations such as a change in contraceptive plan. It really pelf the skin not getting affected by the overwhelming stress of our hectic life.

Sleep & Glow : Managing sleep and stress for better skin is also an essential thing nowadays as cells regenerate while we sleeping. So if we are stressed we don't give the chance to the body to rest gently and complete the process of the skins recovery. I add one full dropper into my tea ruffly an hour before I go to sleep and really help me falling asleep and gentle awakening, boosting overall skin health thanks to Ashwagandha, an ayurvedic medicinal plant known for its regenerative properties.

I only recently started the Apple Cider Vinegar that has been such a trend too. I remember when little my grandmother having me have a spoon of vinegar whenever I was a bit sick so to me its a very pleasant flavour. Especially when mixing it in a glass of water you cant really feel the taste. So in general its proven to help in boosting skin health , weight loss ( don't just start drinking the whole bottle now to loose weight , this is not how it works ) and help killing harmful bacteria so its good for the overall wellbeing. Its so easy to add it in the routine too.

Now for everyone that may not used to supplements or its just hard to add them in the routine what I would recommend is placing the supplements in a place that will be able to avoid first thing in the morning so either by your side table or where you keep your glasses. This is so when you wake up and go to make your coffee or drink water it will be the first thing to have and not forget taking them. You will need to be consistent and quiet discipline especially in the bagging. Once its a part of your routine you won't need to even think about it , it will come really natural.

One thing I have to say and close this long but hopefully informative blog post is that since I have been taking these I feel so much more lighter and this bring a feeling of more energy and motivation. Its a feeling of in and out wellness and really worth the effort and the time.

When traveling its really easy to take them with you for the days you are away simply by stooging them in a supplement organiser box. With the liquid obviously its not the same especially if they need to be in the fridge all the time but apart from that are really practical.

A few more supplements along the way or got recommended and will be on my Wishlist soon to try for you to have more options.

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