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Natural Glow/ skin & Hair

A few steps you need to add - wait you don't need to- but if you want to here are some great recommendations for your daily routine investing in clean, healthy skin and beautiful strong hair. Because this is a combination of two things that always troubles us and when it falls together, it can really make your day.

Exfoliating Wash Codex : We have all heard about it but not all of us are using it in a way to make the best of it. You should be careful which products you use as exfoliation - some of them are infused with stronger ingredients than other and cannot be used everyday. The one I recommend is from Codex Beauty - its a very gentle exfoliating wash you can use every day without any risk of damaging your skin or make it over sensitive. Its infused with Eldeflower Water, Grapefruit and Milk Thistle Oil to tone and cleanse my skin. I use it every morning to give a freshness to my face area before any further skincare treatment.

Four Acid Peel The Organic Pharmacy: This is a stronger way of exfoliation now and cannot be used every day. I would recommend once a week, no more than 2 times a week. Its a beautiful product if you are looking to improve your skin texture and reducing the appearance of any fine lines. You just apply on damp skin and this is your step after cleansing and toning.

Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum Tan-Luxe : This one is the best one I have tried so far. It gives a flawless glow instantly and healthy colour you would probably get after 2 weeks in a Greek island. You don't need to mix it with your face cream or moisturiser , can be simply applied all over your face and neck area with circular motions. Up to 12 drops every days its ideal but if you need quicker and deeper colour results , add more drops in your daily routine. This product gives self tan concept a whole new better version as its the easiest way to get natural bronzer colour without any patchiness or stickiness.

Wave Spray Quai HairCare : And now that you are all getting into the sun kissed colour around the face area, what would you say to get some super natural waves in the hair without the need of heating tools. I cannot believe how good this is. Its formulated with rice protein, infused with keratin , hibiscus and jasmine. I apply just before my hair gets completely dry and give a wavy shape to my hair with my hands simple by pushing the hair up. Not only gives beautiful beach waves but adds texture and volume, which for a girl with fine hair like me its a dream product.

Hair Mist Jo Malone : If you think this is not essential, think twice. Spraying your fragrance all over your hair it may smell lovely for the time being but I bet your hair is not sharing the same feelings. No fragrance on your hair, no, no, no! The toxics that are infused in each perfume - can't even start going there it. Instead add this fresh light mist full of organ oil to nourish and soften your dry ends leaving your hair with a delicate scent. It only need a small spritz and will last for months - so definitely worth of money.

Body Blur Vita Liberata : This is not a self tan product. I am not a big fan of body tanning products to be honest even if that means I ll need to face my pale looking skin most of the winter time, we are together in this anyways. This is the first of its kind product and if you haven't heard of it, its because is mostly used for models and actors before shootings or red carpet. This is a body tint in a luxurious velvet texture that smoothes the skin and mask any imperfections on your body creating a beautiful bronzed even looking skin. It's water resistant but washes off easily when a little pressure is applied, free from fragrance and perfect for a night out when wearing a dress or a skirt but you need the area in the body not covered to look natural glowing. Its one of these gorgeous products you use in special occasions.

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