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My first officially blogpost about my place. I have finally moved to a shared place in London that I can feel home rather than just renting a room. I really had to work and play around with my room more as everything else came pretty much set up in the rest of the apartment and to me its not worth investing in a place its not yours. So the rest of the apartment is quiet my taste and happy with it but what I want to share is the changes I went through with my room till I felt actually happy. Also most of us we still can only afford a room so hopefully this will inspire you. The most essential think for me was to feel cozy and comfortable as a bedroom but still work for my beauty and fashion edits and be practical for my work.

One thing I need in my place to have is a lot of natural light and big windows which luckily my room had as one of the four walls is basically a full window. I get the most of the light in the morning between 7-9am which is a great way to start the day and having my morning coffee or rush up a bit to shoot campaigns while I have the golden light in my room. Also even though I live in a quiet corporate area I love the fact that we are by the river, it makes me feel so much calmer and relaxing.

The issue that I had was that the room came with a double bed , two side tables and a medium size wardrobe. It was quiet challenging to fit all my stuff in the wardrobe but at least I have a bit space underneath my bed too. Also I had to come up with new ideas of storaging my stuff without the room looking too stuffed - that was a big challenge. After a year of changing around things I decided to invest in storage boxes and furnitures. I didn't go for expensive purchases but still wanted good quality just because when I am to move out from this place I am not sure if these bits will come with me or not, will fit in my next place or not. The changes that I made will be share below with a few suggestions for you.

One thing I realised is that I had no space for side table and if I wanted to make it work I couldn't because practically storage wise there wasn't enough space for everything. I removed the side table , moved the bed closer to the window for even more light and instead I decided to buy a ladder shelf. It would be a great furniture to storage some of my stuff in a way that it would look really nice too. I ordered one from Amazon which comes and goes sold out really fast but its so practical.

I tried to fit everything there but it started looking really messy and packed which wasn't ideal. Then I decided to look for a console table as a dressing table at the end of my bed. I used to have an actual dressing table but the space between the bed and the wall is not really enough for such dressing tables so I needed to go with something a bit smaller. I found mine at Wayfair and luckily was on sale to so that was great. Probably that was the best purchase as it work perfect underneath my wall mirror kind of looking like a dressing table now.

I needed a wall mirror just where I knew the light was the best so I could do my makeup, style my hair or just for content creating. I got the mirror before the furnitures which I would say it was a bit risky as I should have really started with the furnitures. Luckily it went really well with the Console table underneath looking like a dressing table now but thats a lesson I learned now. Mine was from Dunelm but here are a few more options.

Storaging my jewellery was another challenging task as I used to have lots of small boxes in order to have them organised but I ended up having 5-6 different small boxes ( most kept from some premium jelwery and looking good anyways ) I start feeling like I wasn't wearing most of them as I was getting lost among all these boxes. I am a bit ocd and I wanted them to be organised by category ( rings, earrings etc ) so I decided to look into a bigger jewellery box. In that way I would get rid of all the small boxed and everything would be in one place. Its so much easier now to play around and wear all of them.

Obviously I still have a few tricked dishes around as they just look pretty and its really easy when removing your jewellery to just place them there temporarily.

A few more accessories to fill the spaces around my room while they are still practical such as a small mirror, side table, blanket on top of my bed etc

Makeup storage was not that hard to decide what to get but as the time passes I realise I may need to come up with something a bit more practical.

Another thing that I would recommend for everyone struggling with space and storage but want to create a calming environment in their place - look for rattan storage basket. They look really amazing and you can squeeze lots of stuff in there. Mine are from Made.com a bit pricey maybe but the quality is really good and you do want them to last .

As far as for rail clothes which I think most of us have nowadays I wanted something again small due to the limited space , Scandinavian style so add a bit of interior structure to my room. For me the one I got is just perfect because I can hang all upcoming content I need to work on and makes me feel so much more organised. Also really affordable too!.

The last thing really brought together my room is the wall frames. I used to have 4 different size pink based wall frames which they really gave a girly vibe to my room - a bit too much girly I would say so that was definitely I didn't thought well. I only recently decided to get something to fit my room better and very happy with my options. I was very careful with the colors so they would match with my furniture and luckily found some great selections over Desenio but below I linked a few more options for you.

PS. this post uses commissionable links. If you end up buying something that you may find inspirational or suitable for your place I may earn a small commission from the brand so thank you - this doesn't affect how much you pay in any way. But I will see what you love more this way too and focus in exploring more options on my next recommendations.

Love / @_evaciland

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