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Top 3 Blazers for Spring

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Funny story is that I wasn't wearing blazer since two months ago. To my mind it was something very workwear related and always looking to serious and stiff into them. Everything changed when Louize from Imagination Pr came and suggested to try Smythe. She was insisted that I just need to find the one that will fit my style and it would look great. Guess what, she was right. It all comes to how you style it, the length, the fabric and the colour. Now I love SMYTHE because of the versatile and timeless collection with pieces that may not be in your daily budget but will be with you for a lifetime. I will feature more similar options for you but mainly it will be 3 basic colors that you need for spring : white, pink, navy.

White Tie Blazer : The detachable tie belt gives a very casual style to the blazer and with going all white not only its safe but make it your statement outfit for your meetings or wine date with your friends. Elegant and Modern.

Tailored Pink Blazer : A very loud garment for your wardrobe but with a one colour outfit will make it worth wearing it to impress. Its not made to be very tight and its long length makes it very easy to match with jeans changing the style to a more casual one.

Navy - Grey Blazer : I can really find a name for this color but I love the faded effect on it. It does a lot like a workwear but decided to change that with flared with trousers and snake print boots. Make it a bit cooler easy to be worn for my coffee catch up. Adding a link to the closest option to the one I am wearing.

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